Microsoft Dynamics NAV(Navision) having Manily 7 Modules. Following note gives you a brief introduction about Navision Modules. You will get detailed notes of each sub modules from the related topics. So please go through that also.
  • Finance Management: This module deals with all the Financial Transaction that we carry out in a company.
  • Sales & Marketing: All the sales that we carry out in the company are carried out through this module.
  • Purchase: This module deals with Supply chain Management that is purchase of materials needed for production of the finished goods.
  • Warehouse: Store details are tracked over in this module. Material inward acceptance and Material issues according to work order are done here
  • Manufacturing: This module handles with planning of material production in a company. The Planning team will be producing the finished goods considering the customer requirement and Production forecast. The production works in a company are also carried out in this module.
  • HumanResources: This module handle all the HR activities in an organizations.
  • Administration: This module handle all the admin activities in the system. Such as setup warehouse employees etc.

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