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Manufacturing Process in Navision

Manufacturing Module In Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision

This blog describes the basic things of the Manufacturing Module.

Manufacturing module mainly 8 Sub Modules

Production Design:

In this module handles the management of Item, Production BOM,Routing,Family etc. ie, this sub module acts the main section of the manufacturing process. here you can enter the part number that belongs to Raw Material, Finished Good, Sub Assembly etc. This sub module also tells Production Bom, tells the number of sub materials used to produce one Finished Good(FG) or Sub Assembly.


In this sub module tells the Work Center, Machine Center like activities. ie, what all work centers are there in the company specified here and Machine Centers tells number of machine centers contain in the company. These workcenters and machine centers are then attached to the Routing page.


In this sub module handles all the planning activities in the company. ie, handles MRP(Material Requirement Planning),MPS etc.

Manufacturing in Microsoft Business Solution Navision
Manufacturing Module in Navision


This sub module handles all the work order related process after the planning. That is here handling work order creation, Finished Good Posting etc.


Handles the costing activities in the system.


Handles the documents view after the posting or closed work order view. That is what all work orders we closed that all work orders appear here.

Periodic Activities:

This handles all the periodic activities in the system.


Here you can enter all the setup activities of the Manufacturing Module.

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