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Warehouse Module

Warehouse Module In Navision

The warehouse Module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Navision deals with all the Storage of Materials, Material Issue To The Production Dept, Inward and Outward, etc.

This blog describes the basic things of the Warehouse Module.Warehouse Module mainly 8 Sub Modules.

  • Orders & Contacts

This module contains Vendor Card, Customer Card and all the order windows like Purchase Order, Purchase Return Order, Sales Return,Sales Return Orders, Transfer Order, Released Prod. Orders.

  • Planning & Execution

Handles with Items, Non-Stock Items, Stock Keeping Units(SKU),Shipments, Put away & Pick Work Sheets, Movement Work Sheets etc.
ie, It mainly handles with Item Stock Management functionalities.

  • Goods Handling Order by Order

Here Manages Inventory Putway & Pick Worksheet and Reclass the Item. ie, handles Item Movement.

  • Goods Handling Multiple Orders

Handles Putaway, Pick,Movements and Whe. Item Journals.

  • Inventory

In the inventory module handles all the Stock Journal like activites like Item Journals, BOM Journals, Item Reclass Journals, Physical Inventory Journals,Revaluation Journals and Physical Inventory Counting Periods.

  • Gate Entry

This modules handles all the Inward and Outward Gate Entry details.

  • History

In this modules you will get all the posted documents informations. ie, if you want to take the GRN(Goods Receipt Note) Print-then you have to go to this place.

  • Setup

The Setup module in Warehousing deals with all the warehouse related setups. This is mainly divided in to 3.

  1. Inventory Setup
  2. Warehouse Setup
  3. Locations

You can create new locations or handles the setup each locations is handles here.

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