Finance Module

Finance module helps us to work systematically and carry out actions in such a way that what all works going through Navision will directly or indirectly reflects in this module.That means we can take a simple example of purchasing of raw materials.We will raise a purchase order for the material and according to our neeeds and the vendor will deliver the goods.We will accepts the goods by raising a GRN(Goods Reciept Note).Finally we have to pay the vendor who provide us with the goods.For that the next step is to raise a purchase invoice,where the value gets updated in our books and the vendor book.By looking these two details we can come to a conclusion that how much goods are bought each time and what payment we have to return for the same.Taking all these things into aspect only we are calculating our companys or organizations Profit/Loss.

Navision deals with this in most effective way.Any company or Organizations can relay on Microsoft Dyanamics NAV(Navision).It can be described as a complete ERP kit for any firm.

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