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Customer Posting Group

Customer Posting Group

  • Financial Management –> Setup –> Posting Groups –> Customer
  • Code field have a maximum of 10 characters.
  • You can create as many code that you like but the code must be unique.
  • You can specify the accounts to which Navision will post to when posting transaction invoiving customer. Accounts that can be specified include

a)Receivable Acccount

b) Service Charge Acccount

c) Payment Disc Debit Account–> payment discount granted to customers–> can only

be used if Adjust for Payment Disc. field in G/L Setup table is not activated.

e) Payment Disc Credit Acc- reduction of discout granted to customers

f) Interest Acc–> post interest from reminders and finance charge memos for

customers–> reminder is the document used to remind customer of outstanding

balance–> finance charge memo is the document that contains information about

interest + outstanding balance.
g) Additional Fee Account- post additional fee on reminders and finance charge memos

h)Invoice Rounding Acc–> speficies which account Navision will post amount that

resulting from invoice rounding–> can only be used if you check the Invoice Rounding

Field in the Sales & Receivable Setup–> additional invoice lines will be created for the

rounded amount.

i) Debit Curr. Appl. Rndgn. Acc.–> post rounding differences that occur when you do

apply entries in different currencies

j) Credit Curr. Appl. Rndgn. Acc.- same as (h)

k) Debit Rounding Acc.–> points to account that Navision will post the rounding

differences from remaining amount (Cust. Ledger entry Table)–> remaining amount

is the amount that remains to be applied to before entry has been completely applied.
l) Credit Rounding Acc.

m) Payment Tolerance Debit Acc
n) Payment Tolerance Credit acc

  • After the Customer Posting Group has been setup, you can assign it to Customer Card–> Go to Invoicing Tab–> Select the Customer Posting Group

After you setup the Customer Posting Group, whenever you post sales order, invoices, credit memos, payments, etc related to the customer, Navision will post to the specified accounts based on the Customer Posting Group setting in the Customer Card and Customer Posting Group Setup.

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