LS Retail Architecture With Picture

Navision LS Retail Architecture : Small Organization

In this post going to explain about the Retail Architecture of the small company having LS Retail. By considering the retail sector its very much importance given to Back Office (Store) and POS (Point Of Sales). Without these none of the retail architecture exist and rest everything are depend upon your company structure. ie, For the small company having only one Back Office and POS machines of maximum 3.
Please find the following architure of a Small Company Retail Structure

All the billing happening in the POS machines. After the completion of a successful transaction it will flows to Back office (BO).

Navision LS Retail Architecture : Big Organization

For the big companies having level increase depand upon there size of the organizations. ie, in the large organizations may having Head Office, Country Wide seperate servers for the global retail company, Region Wide Sepearation, Back office and POS. For the noting point is that always Ony one Head office and othrs will be one or more will having.

For exmple please find the following picture shows a very big organization having branches all over countries..

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