Navision Retail Important Terms

Navision Retail Important Terms

Following are the some of the important terms used in the Navision Retails or LS- Retail used.

  • SOD –> Start Of the Day :- SOD is the process to updating Prices and other master documents to your retail system . Normally its happened and every day Morning.
  • EOD –> End Of the Day :- EOD is the process to updating the Total Sales transaction during the day.
  • BO –> Back Office : – Back Office is the area were we can named Retail Store Located.
  • POS –>Point Of Sale :- POS is the area were the Retail billings are occur. Each back office contains one or more POS terminals.
  • DD/TS—>Data Director / Transaction Server:- DD/TS is used for the data flow between the BO and POS.
We will add more terms in the future posts.

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