How To Import Or Export License Information In Navision

In the License Information window you can see the contents of the license file under which you are working. The information includes the license number, who owns it, which application granules you have purchased, and – if there is a time limit – when the license expires. Normally when you are working, your own serial number (and the name of your company) should appear in the window. If it is not your license file that is shown in the window, you must import your own file by clicking Import at the bottom of the window.
You will not need to use the License Information window in your daily work with companies. However, if you need to speak to your dealer about expanding the program, special modifications or any problems, you will need to open it.
All license files that are not demonstration license files have the same name, fin.flf. So once you have received your license file and imported it, you should store the diskette that contains it in a safe place until you need it again. The demonstration license file is already saved under a different name, cronus.flf, so you cannot mistakenly overwrite it with your own license file.
There are three command buttons in the License Information window that have to do with importing and exporting license files:
  • Import… Used to import a new license file, which can then be used each time the application is opened (or until another license file is imported).
  • Export… Used to export a copy of your license file – to a diskette, for example. You will use this when you renew your license.
  • Change… Used for a temporary change of license file, when a dealer visits you, for example, and has brought his or her own license file on a diskette (to be able to use C/AL permissions). This function ensures that the change is forgotten the next time you start the program, and you will be back with your old license file. You must be sure to use this if you want to work using the demonstration license file cronus.flf. Otherwise you may overwrite your own license file.
Each of the three functions uses the same type of standard Windows dialog to locate the license file. When you have located the license file, click Open to have the system import or change the license file. Click Save to have the system export the license file.

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