LS Retail NAV 2013

LS retail announced new version LS Retail NAV 2013 with 3 Tier Architecture like Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. In addition to 3 Tier architecture design there are several more new features too like Redesigned Menu Suites, POS interfaces changes also announced. Most noticeable feature for LS Retail 2013 is there interfaces to access system for both Retailers as well as Customers.
LS Retail 2013 User Interfaces
LS Retail 2013

6 Interfaces available for  Retailers to access the LS Retail 2013

  1. Windows Client
  2. Web Client
  3. Share Point Client
  5. Mobile POS
  6. Mobile Inventory
3 Interfaces available for  Customers to access the LS Retail 2013
  1. Mobile Loyalty
  2. Loyalty Portal
  3. e-Commerce
In additions to these there are several POS Setups Changes like New profile with Style Profile that includes skin, font and color setups.

Another important new feature is Cash and Safe Management
New functionality that deals with end-of-day activities. Gives full control and trace-ability of the transfer of money to safe or bank. This will help head cashiers or Store manager to handle the Cash better than ever before.

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