Step By Step Installation Guide :: Developer Toolkit

Installation Steps Of Developer Toolkit – Microsoft Dynamics NAV

After downloading or accrue the DVD of the developers toll kit you have to follow below mentioned steps

  1. Run the Developer Toolkit Setup
  2. Follow the Screen display instruction like Disclaimer accept etc
  3. Choose the installation location. Preferably you have to install the same under C:Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics NAV Developer’s Toolkit
  4. Copy fin.flf – Navision License file and fin.stx file available under the Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  5. Start actual Installation and provides message finish.
  6. Create a blank Navision database, from File -> Database -> New place the same under our installed location C:Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics NAV Developer’s Toolkit
  7. Import the DevTool.fob object to this newly created database
  8. Create one or more companies for the analysis

You can also refer the training manual pdf file available under the setup folder.

Now the installation is completed

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