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Top 15 Difference in C/AL vs AL Coding

This post is dedicated to those who asked recently to get the simple comparison result between C/AL coding language used in Dynamics NAV / Navision vs AL Language used in latest edition of Business Central. Hope after checking simple table you will get complete how C/AL vs AL differed.

Difference between C/SIDE(C/AL) vs VS Code(AL)

Difference between C/SIDE(C/AL) vs VS Code(AL) details is as follows

C/AL – Client/Server Application LanguageAL – Application Language
Keyword UppercaseKeyword Lowercase
.NET SupportNative Web Services Types
Object DesignerReal Time Compiling
Symbol MenuOption Member
File SupportFile Upload from Stream
Translations in ObjectsWhere Used
Coding on Same application area – Object DesignerCoding via Open Source product Visual Studio Code
Object Extension Creation Difficult or Limited
set of options available
Object Extension Creation Easy
These Options not available or Limited option available with some features similar.> Formatting, syntax highlighting and rich IntelliSense
> Support for and snippets to define Codeunits, Pages, Page Extensions, Tables, Table Extensions,XMLPorts, and Reports
> Support for reference by symbols ( Shift+F12 ) to jump to all instances of a specific symbol
Added support for using HTTP and JSON types to access Azure functions and other Web Services
> Ability to define a dependency on another extension by listing it in the app.json configuration file
Autogeneration of app.json and launch.json project files
Object stored in .FOB or .txt filesObject stored in .APP files
Source Code VisibleSource Code Not Visible directly
Include Standard Objects and Standard Code can be changedYou cannot the change the Standard code. You have to create extension and then extend the functionality.
Comparison Table

Development Interface Screen Difference

Following image shows the object development area / Coding Interface difference

C / AL Coding Interface

C / AL Coding Interface Object Designer
C / AL Coding Interface Object Designer
C/SIDE Development Sample Architecture
C/SIDE Development Sample Architecture

AL Coding Interface

AL - Coding Interface in Visual Studio Code
AL – Coding Interface in Visual Studio Code
AL Development Architecture used in Business Central
AL Development Architecture used in Business Central

Jubel Thomas Joy, a 16+ year Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV/Navision expert, founded "Navision Planet" in 2009. Certified in Business Central , D365 - Commerce and many more. He blogs on the latest updates and various modules of Business Central & LS Central, showcasing expertise in SQL, Microsoft Power Platforms, and over 150 organizations of work experience.


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