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Organizational Level and Job Responsibilities In Navision

Setup Contact’s Organizational Level and Job Responsibilities
You keep track position level of your contacts in
Navision by tagging it with an organizational level. Example of Organization levels are CEO, CFO, Manager, Executive, etc. You can define organazational levels that suit your needs.

      1. 1) Open Contact card.
      2. 2) Browse to the contact you want to setup the organizational level
      3. 3) Select Segmentation tab and then select the Organizational Level Code for the contact.
      Please note that you can only tag a contact with Organizational Level Code if the contact type is Person. You cannot tag an contact with the Type = Customer with an Organazational Level. Also note that you cannot define hierarchy between organizational levels. For example, you cannot define Manager is under CEO.
      Organizational Level is very general. It will only tell you the contact position in the company but it will not tell you in details what is his/her job responsibilities. Anyhow, you should be able to guess the job function of the contact based on the organizational level. For example, the title Chief Financial Controller can clearly tell you this is the guy who control all the finance matters of the company, while an IT Manager is the person who manage the IT Department.
      However, if you want to keep more details ob the job responsibilities of the contact, you can use the tag the contact with Job Responsibilities. To assign job responsibilities to a contact:

      • 1) Open Contact card.
      • 2) Browse to the contact you want to tag with job responsibilities.
      • 3) Click on Contact — Person — Job Responsibilities.
      • 4) Select Job Responsibilities and then click on the OK button.
      You can assign more than one job responsibilities to a contact.Before you can use the Job Responsibilities, you need to setup the job responsibilities at:
      Sales & Marketing –> Setup –> Organizational Profile –> Job Responsibilities.
      Jubel Thomas Joy, a 16+ year Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV/Navision expert, founded "Navision Planet" in 2009. Certified in Business Central , D365 - Commerce and many more. He blogs on the latest updates and various modules of Business Central & LS Central, showcasing expertise in SQL, Microsoft Power Platforms, and over 150 organizations of work experience.


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