Unit Cost Calculation In Navision

Unit Cost Calculation

  • Inventory in Navision is valued based on the Value Entries .
  • Cost is recorded in the Cost Amount (Actual) field in Value Entry table.
  • Navision will copy value from Unit Cost (LCY) field on Purchase Line / Unit Cost field on the item journal line to Cost Amount (Actual).
  • Direct Unit Cost Excl./Incl. VAT in Purchase Line / Item Journal Line is copied from Item Card Last Direct Cost.
  • For Item Journal Line, the Last Direct Cost is copied to the Unit Amount field on the item journal line.
  • Unit Cost in the Purchase Line / Journal Line is calculated based on
  1. a) Last Direct Cost
  2. b) Unit Cost
  • Formula to calculate Unit Cost (LCY) field in Purchase Line:Unit Cost (LCY) = (Direct Unit Cost – (Discount Amount / Quantity)) * (1 + Indirect Cost % / 100)) + Overhead Rate
  • Formula to calculate Unit Cost in Item Journal Line:Unit Cost = Unit Amount * (100% + Indirect Cost %) + Overhead Rate
  • For Standard Costing method, Standard Cost in Item Card will be copied to the Purchase Line Direct Unit Cost Ext./Incl. SST.
  • Summary of the flow of cost – Non Standard Cost:

Item Card (Last Direct Cost) –> Purchase Line (Direct Unit Cost Excl./Incl. SST) –> Purchase Line (Unit Cost (LCY) –> Value Entry (Cost Amount (Actual))
Item Card (Last Direct Cost) –> Item Journal Line (Unit Amount) –> Item Journal Line (Unit Cost) –> Value Entry (Cost Amount (Actual))

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