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Concepts And Functionalities Of Production BOM In Navision

Production BOM In Dynamics NAV

Production BOM contains the list of items needed to make an item. The items used as input are known as components while the output item could be a finished good or a sub assembly (to be used an component for to produce another item).Single-level production BOM means all components used are purchased. Multi-level production BOM consist of one or more sub assembly as the components. Navision can support up to 50 levels BOM.
  • BOM is a document to describes the components used to manufacture a product.
  • BOM in Navision can contains multiple levels. The maximum level in Navision is 50
  • BOM can only be defined after all components (items) have been created in Navision.

BOM Status

In the Production Header, you can set the status for a BOM. There are 4 BOM status in Navision Production BOM.
  1. New – Automatically set when you create a new BOM. Content in the BOM can be edited.
  2. Certified – After you have confirm with the content of the BOM, you have to change the status to Certified. Only certified BOM can be used in Production Planning. Content in certified BOM cannot be changed. Usually, a new version of BOM will be created if changes are needed on the components.
  3. Under Development – If you want to change the content of a certified BOM, you must change the status of the BOM to Under Development. After the changes have been done, change the status back to Certified.
  4. Closed – The BOM no longer in use.

If you want to create a BOM that is similar to existing BOM, you can use the Copy BOM function to copy the existing BOM lines to the new BOM. After copy the BOM lines, you can make changes to the lines to suite your new BOM.
To create a new BOM from existing BOM:
  2. Press F3 to create a new Production BOM.
  3. Enter a new BOM number in the Number field. It is recommended to use manual number in BOM number field so that you can choose a meaningful and easy to remember BOM number.
  4. Fill in the Description field.
  5. Select a Unit of Measure.
  6. Click on Function –> Copy BOM.
  7. Choose the Production that you want to copy from and then click on the OK button. This will copy all the component lines to the new Production BOM.
  8. Change the component lines to suit your new new Production BOM.
  9. After you have finalized on the Production BOM, change the Status field in the header to

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