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Navision Slow on SQL Server

Dynamics NAV (Navision) Slow on SQL Server

Many users experienced Navision getting slower and slower as time went by. There are many factors that can affect the performance of Navision on SQL Server. It can be hardware bottleneck, database design problem or even coding design problem. Below are a few areas that you can look into if your Navision SQL Server is getting slower.

Run Optimize function

This is the easiest thing you can do. The Optimize function will drop and rebuilt indexes for your tables. SQL Server performance can be very much affected by the Index. If you experienced slow in Navision but never do optimization, do it as soon as possible. Don’t wait. The Optimize function can be accessed from

File –> Database –> Information.

Select the table that need to be optimized and click on the Optimize button.

The Optimize function will rebuilt the keys in the selected table and all the related SIFT Tables. Besides rebuilding indexes, the Optimize function will also remove all records with zero values in all the sum fields in SIFT tables. This can free up space and improve speed in updating SIFT records.
I have seen people complaining Navision is very slow but when I asked them, have you ever run the Optimize function from Navision or do any SQL Server Reindex. Surprisingly, they said we never run the Optimize function and we never do SQL Server Reindex since day one we implement Navision. I asked them to schedule a downtime and run the optimize. After run the Optimize function, they find the performance improve significantly.

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If you really cannot solve your Navision SQL Option slow problem after all efforts, maybe you can consult these specialist.

We will help you with this. Kindly drop one email or raise one comment on this post. We will connect ASAP and resolve your issue.

Jubel Thomas Joy, a 16+ year Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV/Navision expert, founded "Navision Planet" in 2009. Certified in Business Central , D365 - Commerce and many more. He blogs on the latest updates and various modules of Business Central & LS Central, showcasing expertise in SQL, Microsoft Power Platforms, and over 150 organizations of work experience.


  1. Hi
    I m working on D365BC 14.0, LS Central 14.01. The lookup in LS Cenrtal is extremely slow. On debugging I found that in CodeUnit EPOS datagrid functions , there is vairiable posctrl that reads the data grid using LSRetail NAV POS functions donet variable is responsible.

    Posctrl.initgriddata(pdatagridid, configdataset);

    It is taking lot of time to respond while I have NAV 2015 in some locations and it is taking only 1 or 2 seconds to respond compared to 15 seconds in D365BC 14 LSCentral 14.01
    Please help

  2. We are using Navision 2016 and we are having very much difficulties as system slowness. Please help us with the solution.


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