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Flow with which a Report runs in Navision

Let us take a simple report with customer and Cust. Ledger Entry as dataitems. Cust. Ledger Entry is linked to Customer using Customer No. Suppose there are only two records in the Ledger Entry table.

  • OnInitReport
  • OnPreReport
  • Dataitem–> Customer–> OnPreDataitem
  • Dataitem–> Customer–> onAfterGetRecord
  • Section–> Customer Header –> OnPreSection
  • Section–>Customer Header –> OnPostSection
  • Section–>Customer Body –> OnPreSection
  • Section–>Customer Body –> OnPostSection
  • Dataitem–> Cust.Ledger Entry –> OnPreDataitem
  • Dataitem–>Cust.Ledger Entry –> onAfterGetRecord
  • Section–> Cust.Ledger Entry header–> OnPreSection
  • Section–> Cust.Ledger Entry header–> OnPostSection
  • Section–> Cust.Ledger Entry body –> OnPreSection
  • Section–> Cust.Ledger Entry body –> OnPostSection
  • Dataitem –> Cust.Ledger Entry –> onAfterGetRecord
  • Section –> Cust.Ledger Entry body –> OnPreSection
  • Section –> Cust.Ledger Entry body –> OnPostSection
  • Dataitem–> Cust.Ledger Entry –> OnPostDataitem
  • Dataitem–> Customer –> OnPostDataitem
  • OnPostReport
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