Item Revaluation In Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Revaluation journal can be used for changing the inventory value of items, for example after a physical inventory.

For doing the Item Revaluation, please follow the following steps

Step1 : To open the Item Revaluation Journals go to Warehouse -> Inventory -> Revaluation Journals

Step 2: To calculate the existing inventory value go to Functions - > Calculate Inventory Value

Step3: Once you click you will find following type of screen shot there you can specify the Item to which Revaluation required.

Once you press OK on the previous screen, you can able to find system automatically created the entry based upon your input.

You have to enter the Unit Cost (Revaluated) field as new cost required instead of Unit Cost (Calculated) against the Item.

  • -          Before revaluating the cost required to complete the CBJ for the same.
  • -          Revaluation can be done for both ILE and Item wise for except Average costing method.
  • -          Average costing can only able to revaluate whole Item Cost.
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