Exchange Production BOM

Exchange Production BOM Item Batch Job
To open this you have to goto Manufacturing --> Production Design --> Production BOM Item
You can use this batch job to replace items, which are no longer used in production BOMs. You can exchange an item, for example, with a new item or a new production BOM. You can create new versions while exchanging an item in the production BOMs. The program automatically generates these new versions.
You can determine what is used in the batch job by filling in the fields on the Options tab. Fill in the fields as follows
Exchange Type: Enter what is to be exchanged here - Item or Production BOM.
Exchange No.: Enter the item number or the production BOM number, which is to be exchanged or click the AssistButton to the right of the field.
With Type: Enter your new selection that will replace what you selected in the Exchange Type field - Item or Production BOM.
With No.: Enter the new item number or production BOM number that should be filled in or click the AssistButton to the right of the field.
Create New Version: Place a check mark in the field if you want to make the exchange in a new version.
Multiply Qty. With: Enter the value of a quantity change here. If the quantity is to remain the same, enter 1 here. If you enter 2, the new quantities doubled in comparison with original quantity.
Starting Date: Enter the date from which these changes are to become valid.
Recertify: Place a check mark in the field if you want the production BOM to be certified after the change.
Click OK to start the batch job. If you do not want to run the batch job now, click Cancel to close the window.

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