Menu Suite In Navision

The MenuSuite object contains the main menu content that is displayed in the Navigation Pane and in the Navigation Pane Designer. A menu suite is a set of menus. Each menu contains content for a specific departmental area, for example, Finance or Manufacturing.
Creating and Designing MenuSuite Objects
To create a new MenuSuite object or design an existing one, you click the MenuSuite button in the Object Designer, and then click New or Design.
Clicking New
This opens a dialog asking you to specify which design level you want to create an object for. If you have already created a MenuSuite object for all the levels you have permission to, a message appears informing you of this. Once you have made a selection, the Navigation Pane Designer opens. The MenuSuite object level that you are working on is shown in the header section of the Navigation Pane Designer.
Selecting a MenuSuite Object and then Clicking Design
This opens the Navigation Pane Designer with the chosen menu suite content displayed. The MenuSuite object level that you have selected is shown in the header section of the Navigation Pane Designer.
You also have the following options:
  • You can compile MenuSuite objects (F11 or TOOLS→COMPILE). It is the object references that are compiled. If the MenuSuite object contains a reference to a nonexistent form, report, batch job, dataport or codeunit, a compilation error occurs.

The रन button in the Object Designer is disabled when you click the MenuSuite button because a MenuSuite object cannot be run.


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